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Samuel stands in front of his sitting room admiring a piece of painting the interior decorator had earlier chosen, looking at the painting at first glance you will only see a flowing river but when you really look into the painting you will see what the feelings the artist was trying to pass across,it’s as if when you really look you can just feel all your emotionsrunning high, as if they are trying to pour out of you and just leave you hanging but at the same time refreshed.

He was still lost in his emotions when Adanna wrapped her hands around her husband’s waist “where is your mind honey” she whispers in his ears. Turning around he replied “thinking about you,why don’t you go get changed let’s eat out and celebrate our new home together”
“Okay sweetheart” she replied.

Adams is sitting by corner of his favorite eatery,he usually sits inside but decided to seat outside by the pool today,from his angle he could see anyone coming into the open space where do the tables were set and diners were having a fun time.

In the pool there were a couple of girls who had been going out of their way to have him notice them,funny how he did notice but didn’t show it because the girls weren’t his type.

He has always had a thing for thick girls from their thighs to their butt0ckz he just loved them maybe because growing up he was always with girls who starved themselves to look stick like and that made him not to find them attractive, he likes
when he grabs his woman he feels some flesh not some bones.

“Adams are you listening to me at all?”
Coming out from his thoughts he looks in front of him to see Susan’s younger sister Kylie.

Kylie is an interior decorator and also a spoilt brat who felt the world was under her feet.

“Sorry,my mind was somewhere else what did you say”

“Well I was asking if you help me watch over my bag while I take a swim”

“I won’t be here for long but you can keep it,when am going I will let you know”

“Okay thanks” she replied.

Droping her bag she slip out of the towel she had around her,revealing a very trim and Sekxy body covered by only a two piece red bikini.

Kylie knew every eye was on her so she walked slowly and stylishly sway her hips before she dived into the swimming pool.

Adanna was returning to her table after using the ladies room when she saw her husband stunned Starring at something with all concentration, she followed his eyes to see a very beautiful lady putting on a skimpy red bikini.

She sood still for a while studying how her husband’s eyes never left the young lady,she could read in his eyes he had dirty thoughts in his mind and she felt a mixture of hate, anxiety, confusion or was it jealously
she felt she wondered.

Slowly she approached her husband,when she was some few feeet’s from his table she coughed and that seem to bring him back to reality making him to turn to look at her.

“Samuel I want to go home now” she said

“OK” he replied without arguing because he knows she caught him lusting after another lady.

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